Our Progress Since May 1, 2001...
Date: July 23, 2001

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It is now July 23 and much has happened since May 1, 2001. First and very significant for New Millennium is that we were recognized and approved by the IRS as a Federally Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization. This has made it easier for us to approach potential sponsors and obtain funding for our project. Although we are still very short financially, we are much closer now than ever. A very bright light sitting on our horizon.

Dive training began in April and out of 5 scheduled training to date we have been able to dive 3 times. The weather this year has been real unique…wind! Our last training dive was to 325’ in Glenbrook on June 30th and the dive went very smooth, professional and safe. At the bottom however it became very dark as there is presently a layer of algae or plankton between 180 and 220 feet that is blocking significant light from penetrating. Unlike our September 2000 dive to 300’, we had to turn on our lights. We found ourselves on a slope of incredible dimension and scope (about 45-50 degrees). Much larger than one would expect. We looked left and right as far as our lights could penetrate and the bottom and slope was consistent everywhere we looked. It was immense and a great dive for all!

This past weekend, July 21st, we planned our first attempt on the SS Tahoe. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Lockheed Martin Perry’s, Gary Trimble and Robert Neives were present with the ROV and we again located and attempted to place a temporary marker on the bow enabling us to position our dive station right above the wreck for our planned 390’ bow dive. In 4-5 foot seas, Captain John of the Prophet and Gary and Robert of LMP, not once but thrice located the SS Tahoe and in fact placed a marker on the wreck two of those three times. Unfortunately, none of them held. The waves broke the hooks free and the lines came up! Not a total loss but certainly frustrating. Everyone is safe, the wreck is still there and we are ready to try again.

One realization that surfaced from this weekend was the strength this team has and its ability to successfully work together under tenuous conditions. Staying focused and positive. In being tossed around on a boat for 10 plus hours over a two day period with very little sleep in between and still come out optimistic and smiling with encouraging thoughts is a feat in and of itself. Other insights gained, focus upon a clearer understanding of just how monumental a dive this is. Also, the magnitude the logistics play on accomplishing a safe, successful, professional and responsible expedition dive to 390’ at an elevation of 6229’! We know what we need to do and again, we move forward with an understanding of those needs firmly in place. Again, if the Andria Doria is the Everest of technical diving, the SS Tahoe, while not as famous, is a moon shot. With a budget comparable to outer space exploration that somehow seems to lack the funding and funding sources required. But you know what they say, "where there is a will, there is a way" and we will find it! If you have any ideas here, let us know.

Our upcoming schedule will be a Tahoe dive in August to 375’, a training dive to 400’ during our expedition to the caves and cenotes of Akumal, and an expedition dive to the SS Tahoe sometime before the end of this year. We are so very close and trained, rehearsed, excited and ready.

Another exciting event for New Millennium is that we will have a feature article in the Fall edition of Immersed magazine. This should be out late August to early September. The publisher gave us space for an 1800 word article with photos. We can’t wait to see it! You will be able to pick up a copy at a local dive store. Also, look for future articles as we are sure there will be some.

For now, you are up to date. Keep coming back to our site. We hope as always to update more often but the time is limited and we are doing the very best that we can. If you have any input or sponsorship ideas, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.