Our Progress Since December 11, 2000...
Date May 1, 2001

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2001 has started with incredible momentum.  The dive dates are scheduled, practice has commenced and the team is diving tighter and more efficiently than ever.  Our last practice dive was planned to 325' and the dive following that will be to 375.  Quite formidable considering we are at 6230' in elevation! 

We have done a series of fundraisers and are getting closer to our goal of raising the $25,000 needed to accomplish our dive this year.  However, "Closer", is not quite there yet so if you can help, let us know...we sure need it!  (Thanks in advance.)

Thanks to Questsports we are now practicing with our new video system capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 500'.  Lighting up the dive will be the Sartek HID-18 lighting system and Sony's TRV-900 three chip camera is recording some phenomenal images. 

One of the efficiencies that we have obtained this year resulted from the completion of our dive station.  A triangular station with 2-60' support lines, deco bars at 40',35',30',25',20' & 15', and a marked line descending to the bottom have allowed our dives to be more controlled and fun.  We are utilizing surface supplied Oxygen and 35' whips for the first 20' (2-minutes) of our descent and for our decompression at the 20' & 15' stops.  We are carrying our first two deco gasses and we stage the 3rd, picking it up at 60' and then finishing off on pure O2.   Gas management that allows a very efficient, smooth and gradual transition off of our deep trimix. 

Another milestone for New Millennium was in being asked by Immersed magazine to write an article on our project.  Hopefully you will see it in the Fall edition of Immersed.  Let us know what you think.