Our Progress Since September 24, 2000...
Date December 11, 2000

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2000 is just about a memory and New Millennium is going to move into the year 2001 with more momentum than ever.  Since September we have been hard a work sharing our vision with the Lake Tahoe Basin and now that vision is beginning to expand into the Bay Area and Northern California. 

The biggest news we have to report is that New Millennium Dive Expeditions has formed as a Nevada Non-Profit Corporation.  We did this because New Millennium was conceived for scientific research, exploration and education but lacked the consistency of an official entity and as such, we felt that in order to accomplish our near term and long term goals and objectives we needed a quality organizational content.   We now have a legally formed and recognized entity and this is making our mission easier to convey. 

In early October, the Central Valley Chronicles, a PBS program airing in the Sacramento area, covered our project with about a 6 minute piece on the Lake Tahoe Episode.  The Central Valley Chronicles also did a story on the Quic-Chakidn, the old wooden hulled vessel that towed the SS Tahoe into Glenbrook on August 29, 1940.   This episode featuring the Quic-Chakidn is a perfect example of the cross promotional strength New Millennium's project, The First Ascent from the SS Tahoe, is having for our associates and sponsors.  The interest is growing and becoming stronger.

As a result of the Central Valley Chronicles program, 5 events have occurred.  First, a PBS station from San Francisco is planning to cover our project in their programming sometime after the first of the year.  Second, we were invited to speak with the Lake Tahoe Yacht club on November 12th and asked to return sometime late this spring.  Third, we were approached by two other technical diving organizations to conduct and plan joint projects.  One potentially during the summer of 2001 (yes the same time as we are planning our expedition dives next summer on August 29 and 30, 2001), and another during August of 2002 or 2003.  Fourth, we were introduced to a group at Lake Tahoe that is going to take on the task of marketing and promoting our project to the entire Tahoe Basin.  Finally, we were contacted by the Lake Tahoe Maritime Historical Society and hope to eventually establish a sponsorship relationship with them.  Visit our "Activity" page for more descriptions on our future dives.

Presently we are planning a couple of winter dives, working on all our equipment and completely rebuilding and oxygen cleaning all our regulators, tanks and filling stations and we also plan to conduct a couple of dives with our bi-lateral gas switching block for use with a full face mask.  We are also enjoying the holiday season with our families and some well deserved time off. 

Thanks for your support, involvement and interest in New Millennium and we look forward to updating you again after we begin our spring training.