The 21st Century - Activities in 2000
March 26 - Expedition team training dives.   Non-decompression working on safety procedures, simulations and responses.   Depths for this training approached 150'.
March 25 - Expedition team training session in classroom.   Discussion and determination of limits, procedures and team standards and procedures.
March 15 - Expedition team meeting developing gear configurations, logistics scheduling, training schedule and team practice dives.
March 4 - WE FOUND HER!  With Gary Trimble of Lockheed/Martin-Perry Technologies and his impressive talents of at the helm of the Phantom 500 Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), John Shearer, Captain of the newly designated "Dive Boat" Prophet (also know as Tahoe Sport Fishing, South Lake Tahoe California) and Dr. Mitchell Marken, Nevada's acting Underwater Maritime Archeologist for the State Historic Preservation Office,   New Millennium Dive Expeditions located the "Queen of Lake Tahoe".  This was a milestone as we now have footage of this historic vessel allowing us to share with you the present state of the SS Tahoe.  {Keep posted for availability of photos}
February 18 - Contacted by Bradley Foster of the Tahoe Tribune in which he conducted a phone interview for a follow-up article focusing upon our ROV research dive to be conducted on March 4.  This article also was put on the Associated Press wire and was reprinted on February 20 in several newspapers
February 16 - Conducted New Millenniums first safety meeting of 2000.  Agenda was sporadic but basically set in motion the development of safety procedures and protocols specifically aligned with the protocols and procedures of the expedition divers.
February 10 - Contacted by Loy Reeder of Haskel International, a specialist in "High Pressure Technology" since 1946.  They are going to provide us with a two-stage oxygen booster which they have agreed to loan to us from April to September.  This is the time frame of New Millennium's initial SS Tahoe project and for future projects.
February 9 - Met with Dale Peronteau of Quest Sports and he agreed to sponsor our project 100% with not only housings that can withstand the pressures of 400 plus feet but also as technical specialist during our dives. 
February 3 - Reno Gazette Journal prints a second front page article regarding our upcoming wrecksite reconnaissance work to be conducted in partnership with Lockheed/Martin-Perry Technologies. 

Contacted by the San Francisco Examiner regarding potential coverage.

February 2 - Discovery's Science Channel aired our project on National Television.  A major milestone for New Millennium and our first step toward the airing of our documentary film.
February 1 - Contacted by the New Media division of the Sacramento Bee regarding the issue of them handling our website in exchange for our content.  We would go from about 20 hits per day to a website that gets approximately 5 million page hits per month.

Contacted by Jeff Delong of the Reno Gazette Journal for a follow-up article.

Contacted Quest Sports regarding their sponsorship of our video housings for this project. A verbal commitment was made by the owner of Quest, Dale Peronteau, to provide New Millennium Dive Expeditions with video housings capable of withstanding the depths we plan to dive.  Discussions have begun.

January 31 - Contacted by Haskel of Southern California in regards to our request for the use of an Oxygen Booster pump. They are very interested and dialogue has been opened.
January 15 - Contacted by Base Productions in Washington D.C. requesting footage from our production company, Easter Creative Services and Digital Media Productions, for a piece to air Wednesday January 19th on Discovery Channel's "Science Live".
January 14- February 2 The Reno Gazette article prints in the California Bay Area, Washington DC, Los Angeles and in Seattle.
January 13 - Associated Press puts Reno Gazette Article on the wire and the article is printed in the Denver Post, Fresno Bee and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

January 10 -

Reno Gazette Journal prints an article introducing and outlining our project to the community.

The expedition receives official word regarding the involvement of the State Historical Preservation Office and we are informed that we are the only private entity working directly with the state in an effort to bring information from the Steamer Tahoe back to the people of the state in over half a century.

January 3 - Begin informal discussions with Dr. Mitchell Marken,  the State's consultant for Underwater Archaeology, regarding the potential interest the State Historical Preservation Office and he may have.
The 20th Century - Activities in 1999
December 28 - Receive verbal confirmation from Lockheed/Martin Perry Technologies Principal Investigator, Gary Trimble, regarding their commitment and support of our project.

Tahoe Tribune prints an article introducing and outlining our project to the Tahoe Basin community.

December 27 - The official 2000 training and expedition schedule is confirmed and sent to all members.
December 26 - Training dive at Lake Tahoe with Beach, McClellan and Morris.  Supported by Phil Stone and Ian Beach.  Depth: 180   Time: 6 minutes Purpose: Equipment familiarity/Procedure and Protocol Development.
December 23 - Receive email from Lockheed/Martin Perry Technologies regarding their potential interest
December 13 - Receive an email from Quest Sports Director of Marketing and Sales, Ron Pavelka, a very good friend and old industry confidant of Martin McClellan.  Discussions ensue pertaining to a potential sponsorship.
December 11 - Contact Quest Sports regarding the manufacturing of our underwater camera housings and lights
December 6 - End of year Team Meeting and Discussion.   All Expedition and Safety divers were in attendance.
December 3 - Mailed promotional material and cover letter to Lisa Beard and Discovery Channel
December 1 - Website goes online utilizing the vast amount of material in the promotional pack
November 29 & 30 - KTVN airs a two part special report on the expedition to the SS Tahoe.  It aired two times live and 4 times recorded for a total of about 40 minutes of prime time coverage.
November 17 - Received verbal confirmation from Mike Phoenix of Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinics that we would have the recompression chamber and GSE Hyperbaric Stretcher for our dive activities during the Summer of 2000.
November 5 - Donn Owens and Martin McClellan met with Trish Planck and Mike Phoenix of Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of Reno and Santa Monica to discuss the potential involvement and sponsorship by them for a Recompression Chamber and staff.  
October 31 - Touch The Bottom of Emerald Bay training dive done for CBS Affiliate KTVN News Channel 2.  Expedition divers Christensen, M. Heit, McClellan and Morris.  Supported by safety staff, Dible, Durgin, L. Heit, Isenberg,   Monroe, Owens and Petersen.  Depth: 210 Time: 8 minutes Purpose: Low visibility training and team synchronization.
October 22 - Gave the project and team a name:  New Millennium Dive Expeditions
October 21 - Received letter of endorsement from the Lake Tahoe Historical Society
October 18 - Team Meeting discussing gear configuration and Emerald Bay Dive
September 30 - Received letter of endorsement from Bill Bliss.

Received letter of endorsement from the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society

September 27 - Met with Bill Bliss at his Glenbrook home and discussed the project.
September 26 - Training dive Rubicon Wall
September 9 - Presentation to the Board of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society
September 6 - Training dive at Cal Neva Lodge Point - 210 on Air to assess the abilities of the team to handle deep air.  Safety on Trimix was Mike Heit.
August 29 - Training Dive
August 14 - Training Dive
July 31 - Training Dive
July 17 - Training Dive
July 8 - Met with the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society.
July 2 - Training Dive
June 21 - First Official New Millennium Team Meeting
June 3 - Received letter of endorsement from the Nevada Historical Society
May 20 - Met with Betty Mitchel and Dr. Lyn Landauer of the Lake Tahoe Historical Society
March 21 - Pool session to begin testing new equipment developed.  Tested the bilateral 5-Gas Manifold, Twin Tank Bands, Aluminum Backplate and Twin Bladder Technical BCD
March 11 - Met with Peter Bandurraga of the Nevada Historical Society to discuss project.  This was the first historical society approached. 
January 12 - Began to design equipment for this type of diving.  Stimulus for this was the fact that the few technical diving equipment manufacturers were making products that were exorbitantly priced even from a wholesale standpoint.  Products that needed redefinement were, BCD Wings, Backplates, Twin Tank Bands and Pony Holders.  Product that did not exist was a method to utilize a full face mask with various mixes; a gas manifold.  Thus, a 5-Gas Manifold was developed with micro valves and quick-disconnects.
Activities in 1998
November 28 - Entry found in Project Coordinators daily log highlighting this comment, "I am going to organize a technical dive project to the SS Tahoe that would be similar in intensity and training to that of climbing Mt. Everest".   Thus, the project began