Mission Statement - September 2000

To explore underwater historical sites that are beyond the realm of recreational sport SCUBA diving. Through technology, video footage and data retrieval of such sites we will be able to, 1) provide new information for ecological study, 2) provide evidence to support historical thought and 3) extrapolate from the roots of legend a new reality. Further, our vision is to produce documentary films that will educate and enrich the imaginations of future generations. With the strength of teamwork, dedication and community support and involvement in our expeditions, we will be able to unlock the secrets that the water’s depth holds.


Project Scope Redefined?  Just a definition!   July 2001

Our overall project scope, mission and intent have also evolved during this past year. Our initial project, the SS Tahoe will be followed-up with the location, diving utilizing submersible technology and documentary filmworks of the Nevada and the Meteor. The sister ships to the Tahoe that also lie on Lake Tahoes frigid bottom. Our specific mission in this case has developed into a two fold focus that of:

    1) underwater research, exploration and study and

    2) education.

Further, our education will stem out into two basic areas:

    1) state entities such as historic preservation offices, historical
    societies, museums, etc..

    2) state educational institutions such as K-12, community
    colleges and state colleges and universities.

Our intent is to research pertinent history relevant to a community wide benefit, plan expeditions and obtain visual records of such history, develop the educational program specifically for the target entity and then begin the educational process.

We are sure that this will develop even more as time goes on...  Keep in touch!

Update as of August 2002

Our intent further expands to a fourth ship lying on Tahoes bottom.  The Marion B.  A ship that sunk under mysterious circumstances.