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Departure - the original bubble decompression software and the most user friendly does it all.  Whether you are planning trimix decompression dives or using nitrox or air for recreational dives, Departure will do it all from calculating safety stops and nitrox/altitude equivalent air depth conversions and corrections to providing decompression stops, gas consumption and gas blending.  Departure was even the first commercially available decompression program on the market with a bubble decompression model and algorithm to calculate deep stops!  Departure will assist you in blending the appropriate gases required for your expedition, calculate your surface air consumption/respiratory minute volume and will do it all with a level of conservatism you choose.  Whether you are a recreational nitrox diver or a mixed gas technical diver using a rebreather, you will find Departure's decompression software user friendly and you will be planning incredible decompression dives from the get go.  Departure's dive planning software is not only a step above the rest, but it is also the most affordable on the market.  So download a free decompression software evaluation copy and see for yourself!

To learn more about Departure, what sets it apart from other programs and where its name came from, visit our decompression model history page.


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Note and Warning: The above example profile is based upon other data entered into the Departure software program and uses decompression gasses that are not shown.  It is presented as an example only and this particular example only uses slight conservatism.  More conservatism settings (which are available) are desirable and should be followed.

Departure at work:

was not just created in a lab, it is used extensively on expedition dives.  Below are pictures of a dive using Departure to ascend from a dive to more than 400 feet at altitude.

Descending through 240 feet on the way to the SS Tahoe at more than 400 feet.

Ascending from the high altitude dive (6229') to the SS Tahoe.

Performing decompression back to Lake Tahoe's surface.

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