Our Last Dive of 2002 - September 21

390'- 400' / Total Bottom Time -> 14 minutes

What a season of diving we have had!  It has been absolutely incredible.  7 trimix technical dives, 6 attempts on the SS Tahoe with 5 successes .  We have 15 minutes of footage, placed a plaque honoring the Bliss family and the wrecksite that they provided us back in 1940, developed procedures for diving 400 feet plus in an altitude environment safely and responsibly and created & refined a "technical dive team" of incredible competency, skill and professionalism.  All in all we could not be prouder of our accomplishments during this years activities.  

Saturday's dive was under perfect weather conditions with incredible ambient light at depth (the algae bloom has dissipated).  We started off with a slight problem with our oxygen system but that was soon fixed and about 11am we began our 5th successful descent into Tahoes depths to visit, what has truly become ours, the Lady of Lake Tahoe.  Again, words can not describe only images can and UNFORTUNATELY, the camera battery decided to malfunction about half way down so we only got a few images during the dive but any images from 400 feet into Lake Tahoes depths are incredible. 

Now, we begin working on planning for next year and developing our documentary film.  As far as the film is concerned, we still need to complete a few interviews, do some more team filming and ultimately spend more time with a very high quality optical and lighting ROV system to get some real glamorous shots of the SS Tahoe (hopefully if funding comes through we will do this during the upcoming fall/winter months).  However, we still will need more footage of US actually on the site and that will have to wait until next year.  In the mean time, we will be getting out some short "teaser" versions of our film with various production companies so check back often for updates.  Also, if you have not been getting emails announcing our dives, please email us so we can add you to our list. 

Again, thanks for your interest and look forward to more great accomplishments from the New Millennium Dive Expeditions Team!

Photos from Saturday's dive?.... below...
                                                                                                (pardon the pun!)

Brian descending through the 240 foot depth mark.  About another 2 minutes and we will be there!
Brian making some adjustments to the dedication plaque.

The dedication plaque now properly in place reads:

Dedicated to the Bliss Family for Their Contributions to Lake Tahoe.
Presented by
New Millennium Dive Expeditions
(Then all names of team members follow)


Martin (back to you) and Brian (facing) complete the deco of 2 hours and 35 minutes after diving to 400 feet for 7 minutes on the wreck or 14 minutes of total bottom time! 

Diving on the wreck will resume next year but keep alert as we will be doing much work between now and August of 2003!

Safe diving and thanks again for all your support!