Support from the State and Academia!!

Our project is now supported by the State of Nevada Historic Preservation Office under the guidance and direction of Dr. Mitchell Marken who serves as the State's consultant for Underwater Archaeology. Dr. Marken is also supporting the project on a personal level, and has had an intense interest in the Steamer Tahoe for many years. He was guest of Emory Kristof during National Geographic's ROV survey of the vessel, and he has arranged donations to the Nevada State Museum of two of the Tahoe's lifeboats through the generosity of Bill Bliss. Dr. Marken was author of the State of Minnesota’s Submerged Cultural Resouce Plan and has directed and participated in projects around the world. His recent book "Pottery from Spanish Shipwrecks" (University Press of Florida) highlights his work on Spanish galleons in the Caribbean. Dr. Marken received his Ph.D. in Maritime Archeology from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Dr. Marken is also a Professor of Underwater Archeology at the University of San Francisco.

The State Historic Preservation Office, under the direction of the State Historic Preservation Officer, Ron James, with the support of Dr. Marken, is hoping to learn critical information on the state of preservation of this historic site. Dr. Marken will be advising New Millennium on survey and mapping methodology, in addition to other recording and site testing techniques.

This state agency support is a milestone for our expedition and will classify us as the only private entity working directly with the state in an effort to bring information from the Steamer Tahoe back to the people of the state in over half a century!