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Updated July 26, 2002

Our first official images from June 29, 2002

BRM6_29_02at140ft.jpg (52538 bytes) SST6_29_02at350t.jpg (43929 bytes)
       Brian Morris at 140' descending           A breathtaking view of the Queen of the Lake

NMDETeamShot.jpg (264127 bytes)
The New Millennium Team - July 20, 2002
(Seated - Andy Monroe,(L-R) Donn Owens, Steve Parker, Caleb Parker, Mona Dible,
Martin McClellan, Wendy Baldwin, Jimi Quinn, Brian Morris, Marc Briseno, Jim Wangberg)
( Not Pictured - Mike Beach, Dana Durgin, Ian Beach, Byron Parks and Duane Isenberg )

These images were taken aboard the Prophet on June 30, 2001 after we recovered
this grappling system from the SS Tahoe wrecksite.  This grappling hook and buoy system
was actually used to vandalize the SS Tahoe some 20-25 years ago!

June30BuoyTN.jpg (50936 bytes)  June30GrapleTN.jpg (34092 bytes)
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March 4, 2000 - Images of SS Tahoe from the Phantom 500 ROV

Some images of our Team at work. 
These shots were taken during our dives during the past 3 1/2 years.

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  BRMVerifyDpth.jpg (25685 bytes)  brm_mmm1st.jpg (29048 bytes) BRMSmile.jpg (27238 bytes)

BrisenoOwens7_20_02.jpg (37397 bytes) DiveStationInflatable.jpg (30579 bytes) brm_mmm40ft2.jpg (21937 bytes)

MMM2Surf7_20_02.jpg (28639 bytes) MMMDeco7_20_02.jpg (20699 bytes) MMMSurf7_20_02.jpg (31452 bytes)

Some photos of the SS Tahoe, early 1900's.
Courtesy of:  Beverly Pomin-Phelps,

Daughter of Stan Pomin Sr., Son of Ernest Pomin - Captain:  SS Tahoe

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Photo below is courtesy of Jerry Saxon, son of Lloyd Saxon.   Lloyd was the
Captain and Owner of the Quic-Chakidn in the early 1900's.

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