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Ascent Rates, Deep Safety/Deco Stops, Time Limits & more Decompression/Bubble Strategies


Convert-A-Table takes the work out of conversion calculations by converting sea level tables for use at altitude and/or with nitrox.  Convert-A-Table allows divers to make conversions at any altitude up to 15,000 feet (4570 meters) using air or any nitrox blend up to 50 % and provides all relevant oxygen information.  If diving at altitude, Convert-A-Table calculates repetitive dive group designations upon arrival at altitude for divers using the U.S. Navy dive table or a conservative modification thereof.   This program also creates flexibility for divers by allowing the addition of conservatism factors to all profiles and will print a conversion table if desired.  This next step up is the Dive Assistant program which takes Convert-A-Table one step further.

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