New Millennium's "Third" Expedition Dive
390' for 12.5 minutes
August 3, 2002 - Nearly 62 years after she was scuttled!


TAHOE.jpg (27609 bytes) An image we are very proud of.  If you look closely you can see her name on this Port side image in big block letters "T", "A" and then the letters "H", "O" and the  "E" are obscured.  


PortTowRope.jpg (25629 bytes) On August 29, 1940, the Tahoe was towed into Glenbrook. This is the rope actually used!  StarTowRope.jpg (35418 bytes)


Another nice detailed shot of the bow.  You can clearly see the "chocks" on either side and the flagpole hole. BowDetail.jpg (44022 bytes)


PortSRWindow.jpg (26337 bytes) These are the windows on the Port side wall of the forward "Smoking" room.  This is the only wall section of the forward structure directly behind the Pilot house that is still standing. 


The port side "Air Funnel". The top of this is in 390 feet and the temperature is 39 degrees and the water conditions are quite still...thus the great preserved state that it is in. PortForwardAirDam.jpg (40252 bytes)


CraneWinch.jpg (37187 bytes) A close-up of the crane winch positioned on the very forward part of the bow deck


MMMDeco40.jpg (32111 bytes)

A New Millennium dive update would not be complete without a photo of us
"paying to play"...hanging out during 2 hours and 10 minutes of decompression.
This is Martin at 40 feet breathing his Deco50 while his Deco190 & 130 hang at his waist.
Only about 1 hour and 30 minutes left at this point....exciting!