New Millennium's "Fourth" Expedition Dive
403' for 11.8 minutes
August 17, 2002 - 13 days shy of her scuttling anniversary 62 years ago!

baggage81702.jpg (48383 bytes) Saturday, August 17, 2002's dive was planned to take us over the bow deck, up over the pilot house and smoking room and then over the roof of the boiler and engines to the back of the stack and then back to the bow.   Our first image was this object attached to the aft watertight bulkhead/wall of the forward baggage compartment.  Can not quite make out what it is.  Another piece of research for a future dive!
Next we swam over this debris pile which is comprised of timbers from what was once the pilot house and smoking room.  This pile is just behind the baggage compartment hatch (which is open and lying on the deck) and just in front of the space which once held the rooms mentioned.  The depth of this debris pile is at 375 feet. PilotSRDebris81702.jpg (26712 bytes)
SRBarWall81702.jpg (32952 bytes) As we continued our way down the wreck we entered the area that once contained the "Smoking Room".  What you are seeing is the back wall and at one time, just in front of this wall was the "Bar" that served the passengers beverages while they sailed the waters of Lake Tahoe.
Continuing down the wreck we   approach 400' and the base of the "boilerstack".  Note the damage to a once cylindrical stack cause by the violence of submersion and sliding down the Glenbrook shelf. StackBaseOne81702.jpg (41146 bytes)
StackBaseTwo81702.jpg (39953 bytes) As we move around behind the boilerstack, the intense damage is more apparent.  It is amazing it is still standing and that it did not fold over and fall down.  It must be some fairly thick steel.  At this point we are the deepest and furthest away from our up-line on the bow than ever before.   We estimate we were 90 feet in distance from the bow at 403 feet!  Equivalent to 516 feet at sea level.


MMMDeco403.jpg (33846 bytes)
And a thumbs up to another successful dive!

See you all next month!